Soaring into Science with Ms. Pomeroy! 

Hello boys and girls! I hope you and your families are all doing well! I will be posting a Mystery Science video, which you are all familiar with, or other science video each week for you to watch. Afterwards, look below for an activity for you to complete at home using stuff you may have around the house. I’ll throw in an art activity here and there as well. If you are connected to Class Dojo, I will also be sending videos, activities and more on that app.  If you have any questions, you can message me through Class Dojo or email me at


Here is a very interesting, and somewhat gross, video about how germs get into your body. Watch the video. Try answering the questions during the video before you click on those arrows. And make sure you watch the Bonus at the end... there’s some really cool stuff on it, especially the last experiment! I will be doing this experiment later this week and every week after to show you what happens to the bread! Look for the link to that video soon! If you want to join in the fun and have access to a video camera on your phone, I would LOVE for you to email your video of you doing the experiment to me!



Click on the image above to access video

Check out Ms. Pomeroy do a bread experiment in the video below!


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