Musical Notes


Click on the pic to the left for some Zumba Fun! 

Dance Challenge!

Learn these dances and perform for your family. 

K-2nd grade- "LetkaJenkka Dance" -

 2nd-5th grade- "Old Time Rock And Roll" Dance

A free resource that allows you to create and interact with music. This website offers a myriad of different activities to do and you can even save your work and send. I recommend this website for 3rd grade and up.

A fun way to learn about the instruments of the orchestra. Great way for 3rd grade and up to review!

There are a bunch of interactive music games. Many good for younger students (Pre-K to 2nd grade) on PBS Kids Music.

I recommend the following music games:

Peg's Parade (Pre-K to 1st grade)

Pinka-Perfect Band (K-2)

Spin & Sing (K-2)

Rock Out With Peg and Cat (K-2) 

Make Music With Sesame Street Friends (Pre-K to 2nd)

This website is for grades 2-5.

Folk Dance Time


1030 J Street

Las Vegas, NV 89106


T:     702-799-4760

F:     702-799-4765

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